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20 questions for Josee #9 & #11

So, I haven't blogged in a while and I was trying to think of an inspiration to write. I came to an idea the other day with my good friend, she has a blog as well and said she struggled thinking of what to write SO..... we decided to do 20 questions. Through blog posts we will each answer the questions. We might answer one, we might answer more than one, it's kinda up to us. Her questions for me where about a billion times better than mine so hopefully I can do them justice with my answers. Also, her blog can be found here.

I think I will answer 2 questions tonight, I am not answering them in order and I have decided I'll probably preface these two.

I am a student at BYU those who know me best know that I am not super passionate about the university, and I am not a "loyal cougar" don't get me wrong, I like the school, I am just not your typical BYU obsessed provo-ite. I will be graduating in about 3 weeks and it is kinda freaking me out so these two questions are perfect.

#9 What has been your favorite class at BYU?
 Political Science 101R: I don't even know if this class is still offered but it is one that I think should be required for all students to take. The class is once a week, there is no homework, there are no tests, and you don't even have to take notes. The class is a lecture class which is hosted by the one professor, however there are guest speakers well over half of the time. These guest speakers, are political scientists, political refugees, democrats, republicans, environmentalists, individuals involved with the civil rights movements, muslims, and many other people who have been intimately involved with the current/historical events that have shaped our country (I can only imagine the topics this year). The class is emotional, and encourages interaction that is unlike any that I have ever experienced. I feel like my understanding and tolerance of different people, and different political ideas was opened up more by this one semester class than any other influence. I have always been involved politically and have loved to dig into deeper political issues and this is the class that fosters that type of curiosity. Literally you just show up once a week, put your name and student ID on a piece of paper and you get an A. I loved this class so much that I took it one semester and have sat in on the class 2 other semesters. I would very highly recommend that you take this class!!!

I have a tie on classes so I'm gonna share two

Recm 223R (nature photography) The professor for this class is Peter Ward, I would recommend you take any class that is taught by this professor. He is probably one of the BEST professors at BYU. His other classes can be very academically challenging but you will learn more than in most other classes, I can't say enough about how great he is as a professor. This class is nature photography and it is easy, you get to go on field trips and you learn to take photographs you can be proud of, these are some of mine.

not the greatest works of art, but I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Question #11
If you could start BYU over, what would you do differently?
I don't feel like there is just one thing that I would do differently so I will share a few.

  1. I would move out
    1. I know that I have preached the glory of living for free at home, but in reality moving out would have helped me get to know people and I would have gone outside of my comfort zone and maybe I would be able to say that I made more than approximately 5 friends in my time at BYU 
  2. I would become more involved
    1. All of my current friends have come from my involvement with teams or organizations. I don't really know what team I would join, but I do know that it might have made my experience better. I wish I would have worked a little harder in high school so I could have done swim team, or stayed with ballroom. Realistically maybe I could have just found a student organization to try out.
  3. I would try a little harder
    1. once again I feel like a hypocrite. I have spent my time in college preaching that C's and D's get degrees. But I feel like I've kinda cheated the system by graduating with a 3.3gpa with relatively low effort. I would feel a little more valid if I had experienced the stress, late nights, and cramming that most college students experience.
  4. I would have changed looked a little harder into degrees and careers
    1. I feel like I chose my degree pretty quickly. I love it, don't get me wrong. But there might have been a program that fit better. I would have loved to explore writing, advertising, and marketing a little more. I would have loved to explore programs that work more with physical labor, or with creativity. I dunno....I just have no idea what I want to do with my degree, and I don't know what I want to do with my life and I think a little more exploration would have been beneficial
  5. I would have dated a little more
    1. I know.... if you know me you are screaming HYPOCRITE but it's true. I finally have realized that I would love to have a relationship, or a .......girlfriend....., I know that this isn't possible without dating so I should have given it a little more effort. Who knows, maybe I'm doomed to a permanent state of "flyin solo".
These are just a few little nuggets of wisdom gleaned from my experience at the buffet of BYU. Take 'em or leave 'em you've got your choices. But feel free to ask me more about these things.

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